Odor Control

ALL Solutio Tek odor control products utilize essential oils to counteract the foul or nuisance odors generated by your facility. Our products contain environmentally-friendly components and ingredients with little to no VOC impact. 

Solutio Tek Odor Neutralizers

Neutralizers for Bulk and Surface Treatment — Solutio Tek surface treatment products are specifically designed to act on or in odor causing materials, to eliminate and prevent odors at the source.

Fragrance-free Odor Neutralizing Products — eliminate odors without leaving a residual fragrance in the air. How do you know it’s working? You don’t smell anything.

Fragrant Neutralizers — If you prefer a slight scent AND odor neutralization, you can order odor neutralizing products with a range of natural fragrances.

Fragrance Products — fragrant-heavy with less neutralizing capability. Solutio Tek Fragrance Products are pleasant, non-irritating, non-hazardous fragrances used as masking products. These products are concentrated and can be very economical to use.

Solutio Tek Water Free Vapor Technology — products designed specifically for waterless air/vapor systems. Ideal for applications where using water or water availability, is a challenge.

Solutio Tek also offers a range of enzymes and activated biologicals for nearly any application where odor is an issue.

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