Equipment for Odor Control

All odor control systems from Solutio Tek are fully customizable including operation & monitoring accessories for optimum economy, reliability, and performance.

Your equipment can be designed for Summer and Winter use and operation in easily accessible or rugged terrain.

No power? No water? No problem. Solutio Tek can equip your odor control system with water tanks and a generator for remote operation away from your facilities regular electric, air, or water.

In odor control, the chemical is only half the battle; the right chemical treatment system can make or break the application. We can help you choose the right type of equipment to get the most from your program.

  • High-pressure vapor phase units from 10 nozzles to 300 nozzles
  • Low-pressure vapor phase units from 4 nozzles to 100 nozzles
  • Large air/water atomizing systems
  • Small, single nozzle air/water atomizing systems
  • Air only atomizing systems
  • High-pressure portable systems
  • High or low-pressure flooding systems
  • Sludge treatment systems
  • Truck, trailer and roll off box treatment systems
  • High velocity fan assisted fogging & flooding systems
  • Hollow blade fans
  • Drum top foggers
  • Eductor chemical feed systems


System Components for Efficient and Economical Operation

  • Filtration Systems
  • Pre-treatment Filtration including green sand, sand, bag & customized side stream filtration
  • Water Meters
  • Flow Control
  • Timers/Auto control
  • Weather Monitoring & Wind Speed/Direction Operation
  • Remote Operation & Monitoring
  • Trailers/Storage & Out Buildings
  • Lock-outs & Password-protected Systems
  • PARTS - replacement parts for any vendor's system including nozzles, pumps, hoses, etc.