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Why Solutio Tek?

We serve clients from a variety of industries including solid waste, composting, rendering, and industrial and municipal waste water treatment.

We provide the know-how and products to help you solve difficult odor control issues stemming from operational conditions and waste flows. It is our commitment to provide you with the best products available for your specific need. You will get solutions to fix the problem not just treat the symptoms.

Industries Served

Solid Waste


Industrial Facilities

Waste Water

Eliminates Odors


Reduces Costs

Customized to Your Needs

“This is the first time in 15 years we have had no odor.”

–Plant Engineer, Vegetable Processing Plant

Your business is part of your community.

Solutio Tek helps you to continue to be a good neighbor. Request more information about our products, equipment, and services. Let us find a solution for your odor or operational issue.