Is your off-the-shelf equipment causing you more pain than it alleviates? Did your current vendor design a system that actually fits your specific need or application? Is your treatment equipment even addressing the source of your odor? Is odor control even what you need?

Solutio Tek offers equipment solutions designed for your site, your application, and your community.

If odor control is your immediate need, we can customize a system to address it.

Often odor control is not about controlling the odor but solving operational or process flow issues that are causing the odor. Is it a scrubber issue? Is it a facility maintenance issue? Leachate? Waste control? We’ll work with you to reach the right solution.

Read more about Odor Control Equipment and Equipment for Other Applications then let us evaluate your site or facility. We’ll survey the odor source, the process, and the surrounding community and create an equipment plan for you.

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