Equipment for Other Applications

We are committed to offering you the best in feed and control equipment.

We believe the chemical treatment program is only half the battle and even a well-intentioned and well-designed treatment program will fail if the other half—equipment for feed, monitoring, and control—falls short of expectations.

That is because the success of a chemical treatment program hinges on the delivery of the product to the treated area in a consistent and reliable manner. Further, the monitoring and control program is of absolute importance in maintaining effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of the treatment.

Solutio Tek is a full-service company that understands the science and application of chemical treatment methods AND the operational needs of the modern industrial plant. So, we design and build equipment systems that are economical, reliable, easy to own, and ideally suited to your application.

Inquire about customized systems for any of the following applications:

Odor Control Systems

      Systems for any application and any condition

Chemical Feed Systems

     Chemical feed pumps

     Chemical feed day tanks

     Eductor chemical feed systems

Water Pretreatment Systems for any application

     Filtration systems

     Filters customized for your application

     Ion Exchange systems

     Membrane Systems

Meters, Metering and Flow Controls

     Water meters

     Flow controls

     Controllers –conductivity, pH, ORP

     Weather controlled systems


     Replacement parts for any system including nozzles, pumps and more



     Any size or capacity needed

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